Tuesday, November 28, 2006

New Service! A-to-Z for Online Journal Access

More than 8,300 electronic journals and magazines are now available at our desktops. This number includes our subscriptions, medical titles available free on the Internet, and databases provided by the Library of Michigan. Professional journals in medicine and the health sciences are included, as are many consumer health and general-interest titles.

A-to-Z is an easy-to-use service listing all of the electronic journals available at Saint Mary's. Simply type one or more words from a journal or book title in A-to-Z's search box to pull up a list. Each A-to-Z entry will offer a link to the online journal or to the database where the full text of articles from the journal can be found. The entry will also indicate the years for which full text articles are provided, as well as any login IDs or passwords that may be required.
A-to-Z also includes links to many free medical textbooks as well as our STAT!Ref medical ebook collection.

Find the link to this new service on the right side of the library webpage, under "Find Fulltext Resources."